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Plant Profiles

Texas Cottage Gardens makes ‘cottage style’ possible in the extremes of Texas.  We use flowering trees, shrubs and perennials to achieve that outcome.

By studying those lush English landscapes , our designs use Texas natives and well adapted plants to make your garden as waterwise and beautifully carefree as possible while retaining that esthetic.

Cottage gardening calls for the correct plant in the correct place.  Plants needing sunlight are grouped together as well as plants needing moisture.  Great importance is placed on layering and texture.  A riot of color will greet you in all seasons as we take great care to have your garden blooming almost year round.

Shrubs, natural grasses, and trees are the backbone of the garden by adding the structure as the perennials cycle in and out of bloom.  Pruning is kept to a minimum as it is important for the garden to look naturally lush.

Dense planting discourages weeds and helps soften  the hot Texas sun.  The use of annual plant pockets make sure that there is vibrant color , as they are the jewelry of your garden. 

Following is a list of some of our favorite Texas Cottage Garden plants.

Perennial Plant Profiles

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