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Cottage gardening, in order to be successful, must begin with great soil.  So, we live in Texas right?  Chances are, amending is in order.  This begins with adding heavy quantities of organic matter, both to nourish, and to aerate the soil.  This will help you retain water in sandy soils, and also break up the clay that resides in most of north Texas. 

But you can’t just throw it on top and call it done.  It must be worked into the soil so the plant roots will continue to reach for its nutrients.  If you simply hollow out a bowl of substandard soil the plant will be stunted and could also drown in clay soils (or starve to death in sand).

Save time money - avoid plant replacement- make sure your soil is the best it can be from the beginning.

For specific soil additives, your county extension agent will have kits to gather soil for testing.  It has a nominal fee but is worth every bit.

Whether you go all organic or use some synthetics for amending the soil, this is your first step to a beautiful Texas cottage garden.


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