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Our Design Process

Texas cottage gardens is a unique design service. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tweaking an existing garden we successfully apply the cottage garden concept to plants that thrive in North Texas. Sound design principals including repetition, balance, scale, and rhythm stand foremost in our design decisions.

Whether you desire a rustic retreat or a bit of formal structure Texas Cottage Gardens design services are right for you.

Comprehensive Design Package - Starting at $175

Communication with the homeowner is the key to a successful design. Before any drawings or designs are created we conduct a comprehensive interview with the homeowner at the garden site. We discuss topics such as bloom color, maintenance level, hardscapes, style, lifestyle, aesthetic, and emotion. Will you be enjoying the garden during daytime, or at night? Is there a specific plant which brings joy or happy memories? And how involved do you want to be in maintaining the plants and flowers? No two gardens are ever the same.

We combine knowledge gained during our interview with years of Texas gardening experience and expert training to create your garden concept. After hours of data input and creative thinking we are able to present you with a comprehensive design portfolio.

Now you’re ready to take your Texas Cottage Gardens design plan to your landscape installation professional.

When requested, we return to the garden site to walk you thru the changes allowing plenty of time to explain the design in detail and answer any questions.

Each plan includes:


Click Here to View a Sample of our Landscape Drawings


Walk-About Consultation - Starting at $50

Maybe you love to garden and you just don’t know where to start. Or your current backyard presents a design dilemma. Should you not desire a complete design portfolio, simple consultations are available for troubleshooting. While on a walking tour of your garden we assess current conditions and make design, plant, and possible placement suggestions while you take notes. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is the key to unlocking the door to creativity.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Mary Rylant
(903) 624-0648

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